1. A sketch, using reference, straight to pen 

  3. A sketch that ended up looking like the guy in the painting in ghostbusters 2

  4. Working on some stuff

  5. Sketching and colouring. Character is from my webcomic, Blood Rush.

  6. buckets-aplenty:

    Shirow’s Appleseed, by me

    Reblogging an old Appleseed drawing I did.

  7. This is a page from my first webcomic, Diamond Cutter. I’m doing a new chapter so decided to look through the old ones. This page is about 3/4 years old and probably has a more interesting panel layout and expressions than what I’m doing now.

    These old pages felt much easier and more natural to draw, everthing I do now seems laced with self-consciousness. Oh well, guess I just need to work through it.

    If anyone wants to read Diamond Cutter, it’s here - 


    It started out as a shonen sports parody, but has become less so over the years.

  8. Want a Kenzo sweater, so I’m gonna keep drawing them until one magically appears.

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  9. more clothes stuff. Used copics for the colours, there is some shading on there, but you can’t really see it.

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  10. Coming up with some new looks for my Diamond Cutter characters for the new chapter.