1. I drew a full standing pose, feet and everything!

  2. Working on characters for a Blood Rush half-sequel, imaginatively titled Blood Rush 1.5. Wherever I’ll ever actually start it, or any other comic, remains to be seen.

    In case anyone wants to read Blood Rush, it’s here - http://www.planet-land.com/_/comics/br/arp.php?comicID=12

  3. Trying to get out of a drawing slump. Sketched using ref obviously.

  4. Excessive Force 2 - with more beard for undercover cop/raid action.

  5. Started this, maybe I’ll finish it. 

    Also, I have an instagram now - instagram.com/bucketsaplenty

  6. Working on backgrounds for something.

  7. Some colour stuff, I love the pastel palette on PS.

  8. Pilot 0023

  9. Spidey sketch

  10. buckets-aplenty:

    After a looong hiatus, I’ve updated my original webcomic, Diamond Cutter, with 16 new pages.

    Read it here!!

    To read from the beginning, go here

    I’ve also got two completed comics up on Planet Land, links and details below:

    Blood Rush - A 150 page 80’s manga inspired action comic

    Excessive Force - A 27 page comic about a cop on the streets of Beatdown City

    Excessive Force is also available to download on Gumroad for $1, https://gumroad.com/l/fDcG,  in case you want to help me finance more comics down the line.

    Let me know if you’ve got any feedback, I’ve been working on these pages for a while in a bit of a vacuum, so it would be good to get someone else’s view on them.

    Diamond Cutter is up to 169 pages now, Blood Rush about 150, so including other short comics, I’ve drawn nearly 400 pages of comics, which is kind of crazy to think about.

    Next day reblog - I updated my mech/dodgeball comic, Diamond Cutter!